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WP1 Management

Consortium management and assessment of progress and results

Workpackage leader - University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMCU), The Netherlands


The main objective of this workpackage is to ensure that the project's main objectives are realised on schedule and within the budgetary limits.


Description of work and role of participants

  • Overall scientific, legal, financial and administrative management of the project;
  • Periodic monitoring of the progress towards the project's objectives and taking corrective measures as and when appropriate;
  • Monitor adherence towards the financial budgets;
  • Monitor inter-workpackage alignment;
  • Acting as liaison between the Executive Board and the Workpackage leaders;
  • Acting as liaison between the project consortium and the Commission representatives on be-half of the consortium;
  • Management of the joint plan for the use and dissemination of knowledge including intellectual property rights;
  • Processing all technical, financial and administrative information into project periodic and final reports compliant with Commission criteria;
  • Dissemination of project's results;
  • Regular progress reporting to Project Steering Committee;


D4 Periodic EC report first period (Activity report, Management report, report on distribution of EC contribution)
D8 Final EC report (Activity report, Management report, report on distribution of EC contribution)