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WP7 Dissemination and PR

Inventory of best practices throughout Europe; choosing priorities, taking into account cultural differences between European regions; and dissemination of results to stakeholders

Workpackage leader - National Center For Quality Assessment In Healthcare (CMJ/NCQA), Kraków, Poland



The aims of this workpackage are:

  • to reach consensus among experts on tools to improve handoffs in clinical care,
  • to foster adoption of safe and effective practices based upon the findings among participating units, to stakeholders and the general public.


Description of work and role of participants


WP7 comprises the following elements

  • Trial of tools in partnering countries/institutes: the developed tools and training packages will be trailed in five of the partners’ institutes (i.e. Sweden, Poland, Spain, Italy and The Netherlands). We will partner with the EUNetPas to assess the tools which will be made available, this entails information from 27 different member states.
  • Development of a detailed website that will help to support and bring together the knowledge community around handovers.
  • Expert meeting: Based on the results of these trials and the results of WP 2 to 6, an expert meeting will be organised where the report finding will be extensively discussed. Besides the partners of this project, representatives of the European Commission, national governments and relevant stakeholders from both primary and hospital care (such as Wonca Europe, the European Society for General Practitioners) as well as experts from relevant US authorities will be invited. Moreover representatives from patient organisations will be invited to participate.
  • Report on handoffs in clinical care: on bases of the results of the expert meeting a draft report of HANDOVER will be written. This draft will be sent to the participants of the expert meeting for amending. A second draft with a mail survey will be sent to medical professionals and representatives of patient organisations and in the countries who participate in this project. Based on the results of the mail survey the final draft of the report will be made.
  • Conference on handoffs at the primary care / hospital interface: Nine months after the expert meeting, the results of the project will be presented at the handoffs at the primary care / hospital interface conference. This conference will be attended by relevant stakeholders from all of the EU (approximately 150 participants)

WP 7 will aim to formulate an advice to the Commission based on the available knowledge and expertise in this field, that takes into account the differences between the different member states regarding handoffs in clinical care and that is supported by the main stakeholders. In addition results of all workpackages will be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals.



D12 HANDOVER final report