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Program doctoral studies

At HANDOVER, we take graduate education seriously.

The HANDOVER research team is committed to the development and application of new, path-breaking tools to explore problems at the frontier of sociology and medicine. This unique program brings together scientists from medicine with those in quantitative and qualitative research, scientists from social work, sociology, anthropology, human factors, and statistics.

The HANDOVER program envisions that advances in many fields, such as communication science will be facilitated by interdisciplinary interactions between the quantitative, qualitative and medical sciences, and aims to provide new approaches for analyzing fundamental and challenging problems in modern healthcare. We emphasize the development of computational tools and technologies needed to analyze health care interactions and their impact on patient outcomes in complex organizational systems.

The PhD student have close contact with faculty; quality facilities for advanced study, research, and creative work; and individualized academic experiences - all in a community that combined rural and urban environments.

Our programs emphasize cross EU understanding and exposure, with important links to the vitality of each country's healthcare system.