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Research objective 4

Foster adoption of safe and effective practices based upon the findings among participating units and beyond by creating generic tools and training for handover processes

Research data alone do not produce changes in practice. Results must be presented in such a way as to engage stakeholders and be consistent with the norms and routines of the culture or micro-system in which they are embedded. We will utilize crew resource management concepts from aviation and organizational change theory to create an inter-professional feedback module to help foster the adoption of research findings into clinical practice and across the continuum of patient care at the primary care and hospital interface.
For the dissemination to the wider audience (both the scientific as the political field) we plan to develop a an interactive web page that will be used to develop a handoff learning community and then organize a final conference in which the results of the project will be shared. This conference will both serve as a platform for the pan-European implementation of the projects results as well as a platform for getting the commitment from all relevant stakeholders, European, national and local, for implementing the results into every day practice of health care systems throughout Europe.