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Description of the institution

Azienda Sanitaria Firenze (ASL), Italy
Azienda Sanitaria Firenze (ASL), Italy
Postal address: Clinical Risk Management, Piazza S.M. Nuova 1, 501
E-mail: francesco.venneri@asf.toscana.it
Tel: +39 055 2006903

Partner information

The ASL 10 of Firenze will cooperate furnishing services and settings from an emergency department and ICU of one of its major hospitals in the urban area of Florence. The chief of ICU and the director of the department of critical care began surveying and studying the field of handover and are currently working on a model of “out-reach team” involving nurses and other healthcare professionals; the emergency department also began a similar initiative regarding the appropriate use of intensive care beds; the department of surgery is studying a handover procedure to assure correct and appropriate transfer of patients from the operating theatre to ICUs and from normal beds to ICUs.

The ASL is a healthcare institution grouping 5 hospitals (3 in the urban area and 2 in the rural area). The ASL provides healthcare services to the entire population of the Province of Florence. It has as at least 7500 employees (physicians, nurses, technicians and other healthcare professionals along with the administrative branch). It also provides an out-of-.hospital emergency service (118) and an emergency helicopter service. The patient safety branch of the healthcare service reports a Clinical Risk Manager and a committee on patient safety composed of the major chiefs of clinical and non clinical settings. The institution cooperates with the government of the Tuscany Region implementing initiatives on patient safety and clinical risk management.

Research team and qualifications

Dr. Francesco Venneri, MD., Ph.D

is Clinical Risk Manager - Project Leader


Dr. Antonio Molisso, MD., Ph.D.

is Vascular Surgeon – Department of Surgery


Giulio Toccafondi PhD

Giulio is an Interaction Designer and a researcher in Human Factors. He holds a PhD in ICT and Information Society from University of Florence, Italy (2008). His research interests focus on user studies and the interaction design process. He collaborates with the University of Siena (IT) and other national learning agencies on the application of interaction design to education, user experience design and professional training.

He contributed to EU research projects under the FP6 (PALCOM, Kaleidoscope NoE). He coordinated the Lifelong Learning project PUENTE on the Design of Intergenerational Learning Environments.  He holds a Laurea degree in HCI and Interactive Media form University of Siena (2004).



Dr. Sara Albolino, Ph.D.

Sara Albolino is project manager at the Centre for patient safety of the Tuscany Region. She has a European PHD in Information Society and Organizational Studies for Patient Safety. After an experience of 4 year at the IRSO Research Institute and at the University of Milan Bicocca as tutor and assistant for the Sociology of Organization and teacher in many laboratories, she moved 6 years ago o Florence to start the Centre where she works now.

She collaborates in different European and International groups and activities, she is author of many papers on reliability organizations and patient safety.