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Description of the institution

National Center For Quality Assessment In Healthcare (CMJ/NCQA), Kraków, Poland
National Center For Quality Assessment In Healthcare (CMJ/NCQA), Kraków, Poland
Postal address: Kapelanka str. 60, 30-347 Krakow
E-mail: secretariat@cmj.org.pl
Tel: 0048 12 427 81 70

Partner information

National Center for Quality Assessment in Health Care (CMJ/NCQA) is a central unit of the Polish Ministry of Health established by Minister of Health in March 1994 to inspire and support actions aimed at improving the quality of health services of the Polish health care system; as the WHO Collaborating Center for Development of Quality and Safety in Health Systems CMJ/NCQA has a mandate for international health work. CMJ/NCQA has now over 13 years of experience in the development and implementation of quality improvement in healthcare. We cooperate with all relevant stakeholders at all levels of the system (healthcare professionals, HCOs, public health institutions, health insurance funds, patients and consumers; medical scientific associations, university schools of medicine and economics, foreign quality centres and institutes. CMJ/NCQA is a member of the European Network of Quality Institutes (the initiative of European Society for Quality in Healthcare.) CMJ/NCQA is a partner in the European Commission projects: CEEQNET (Unified Central and Eastern European surveillance/monitoring system for healthcare quality and efficiency indicators), MARQuiS (Methods of Assessing Response to Quality Improvement Strategies) and EUNetPaS (European Union Network for Patient Safety).

CMJ/NCQA has adequate scientific and technical assets to lead the WP7 in the HANDOVER research project since for many years the Center has developed and been an active member of many local (regional), national and international networks in different fields of activities (please see above). Thus, the elements of WP7: tools pilot, organization of experts meeting with its outcome report as well as the EU conference on handoffs at primary/hospital care interface and producing of the final advice document to the Commission on the available knowledge and expertise in the field seem very feasible and also sustainable via the CMJ/NCQA collaboration and networking and also via the networks guaranteed by the leading representatives of CMJ/NCQA. From CMJ/NCQA experience , it is also essential that there is a website developed that can focus on all stakeholders of the networks we are going to animate with regards to handovers that will provide information to all other interested parties.

Research team and qualifications


Basia Kutryba

is the research team leader - senior adviser at CMJ/NCQA in Krakow, Poland, an organization she co-founded in 1994. She played a major role in the development of a national, JCAHO-based accreditation system and dissemination of quality improvement in other ECC countries as well as in the Middle East; Has a leadership role in launching patient safety initiatives in Poland and represents Polish government at the EU level (Working Group on Patient Safety of the European Union High Level Group) and internationally at the WHO General Assembly meetings, at seminars and conferences and has been elected president of the European Society for Quality in Healthcare (ESQH) ESQH is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the improvement of quality in European healthcare.


Halina Kutaj-Wasikowska

is Vice-Director and co-founder of CMJ/NCQA.


Ewa Dudzik-Urbaniak

is specialist at CMJ/NCQA. Center for Accreditation of Health Care Organizations responsible for performance measurement in health care, coordination of accreditation surveys. She has a leadership role in launching OECD Health Care Quality Indicators project and WHO PATH project in Poland, member of WHO PATH International Secretariat team.


Marcin Kalinowski