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Handover toolbox




Welcome to the toolbox in which you can find all kind of information and support to help you develop, design and deliver a training in handover or to maximize its impact. The toolbox is not just a ‘box’ with static information on handover training. It is a dynamic, ever changing box because it is part of a ever growing learning network. In this network people can search for information, comment on available products, add product and discuss with others who are also interested in training of handover.

In toolbox a handover refers to a referral from primary care to secondary care or a discharge from secondary care to primary care. An effective training in handover is of utmost importance because it can help to improve the quality of handovers in your organization by decreasing the chances of incomplete or incorrect handovers.

Please have a look at the toolbox and take any information  you can use. However, we also would like to encourage you to register and share your knowledge on handover training with others, comment on products and contribute to ongoing discussions. We truly believe that learning can make a difference. If you share our believe,  please do not hesitate and join us!

For whom is this toolbox?
The content of the training toolbox is of course available for anyone interested in training or in handover. However, the training toolbox is especially designed for three target groups. It is designed to support training specialists in the medical domain across Europe who are responsible for the design and delivery of handover training to various groups of participants in different settings. Furthermore all medical professionals who are involved in handovers and who want to improve their skills, knowledge or attitudes regarding handover can use this toolbox for self-study. Finally the toolbox also offers medical students a database for their self-study activities.

What can you find in this toolbox?
Designing and delivering a handover training is a complex job. Therefore, the toolbox consists of many different kinds of sources and tools to support the various activities training experts usually need to perform. The toolbox contains articles, guidelines, checklist and links to interesting websites. However, this content is dynamic: users can add products to the toolbox or comment on available products. Besides products, you can find dicussions on these products and other training related topics in the toolbox.

What can you do in this toolbox?
The toolbox is both a database and a meeting point. This means you can:

Search for specific information. In several discussion groups information is provided on the various aspects of a training, such as the content, the learning activities, but also on performing a training needs analysis and evaluation of the training. Participate in discussions. In the discussion fora you can raise questions, share your experiences or provide answers. Add information or resources. You can add comments to existing information sources but you can also add your own favourite articles and effective materials so others can benefit from your experience and knowledge. Start your own group. The toolbox offers possibilities to create a private discussion group (e.g. with colleagues or with training participants) in which you can share information and have discussion with a specific group of people.

This toolbox is designed as part of an the international HANDOVER project, coordinated by the University Medical Centre, Utrecht (UMCU) and co-funded by the European Commission within 7th Framework Programme (FP7-HEALTH-F2-2008-223409). The prototype of the toolbox is developed by members of CELSTEC, the Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies of the Open University of the Netherlands. The other partners of the international HANDOVER project have all contributed to the content and further refinement of the prototype.

How do I get started?
To be a member of the handover community, to search for information, to contribute to discussions, add new information, and much much more click registration button below.