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Patient Advisory Council



Current international policy emphasises the importance of increased involvement of patients and relatives in health care. HANDOVER is working closely with patients and patient organizations to improve the efficiency, quality and productivity of services.  We believe that increased patient and public involvement in handover safety strategies both at a policy level and an individual patient level could help enhance patient awareness and empowerment, and help prevent medical errors and adverse events.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council will help ensure HANDOVER stays focused on

(1) Creating a systematic review of effectiveness of patient involvement in patient safety interventions;

 (2) Helping to guide the synthesis review of patient and staff experiences around patient involvement;

(3) Testing the most promising interventions through implementation science methods – PDSA etc.

(4) Engage patients and their families to actively get involved in all patient handovers.

Tomasz Szelagowski

General Director
The Federation of Polish Patient’s
7 Gagarina Street, 00-753 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +48 22 84 11 067
Mobile:  +48 665 18 24 34 t.szelagowski@federacjabpp.pl

Treasurer, Board Member European Patient’s Forum
Rue Belliard 65 1040 – Brussels, Belgium.
Phone: +32 2 280 2334

Tomasz Szelagowski gained pedagogical education, works as consultant and trainer in the range of Human Relations and Leadership Skills, currently enlarging His knowledge in field of Anthropology of Culture at Lodz University in Poland.

As general director of the Federation of Polish Patients (FPP) He has taken responsibility for managing and implementing the overall strategy of the organization. His primary interest is to raise awareness of health education and engineering large-scale organizational change among patient’s environment by designing and coordinating publicly open projects in Poland.

In 2008 He was a member of “White Summit” (State Commission on strategies for National Health System reforms in Poland – chairman of Patients Rights Table). Represents FPP taking a seat among experts in Steering Committee of National Center for eHealthCare Systems (CSIOZ) and most recently in Sub-Committee on Priorities of Ministry of Health for Polish Presidency of the EU Council.

In May 2010 He was elected to be a Board Member and then the Treasurer of European Patients’ Forum (EPF). Represents voice of FPP members in cooperation with International Alliance of Patients’ Organization (IAPO). In Euro-Asian Initiative for Patients Safety played a role of coordinator for East-North European region. Cooperates with ASEF University (Asia-Europe Fundation). As project co-ordinator took part in multinational health research projects (FP7, Polish-Swiss Fund).

Works as an expert with Patients and Consumers Working Party (PCWP) at European Medicine Agency (EMA). Took part in PatienPartner project “Patients Partnering in Clinical Research” led by European Forum for Good Clinical Practices (EFGCP) as activities of Patients Roadmap to Treatment Working Party. Plays active role in the leading European Think-Tank called European Platform for Patients’ Organizations, Science and Industry (EPPOSI).

Helen Haskell

MA, President of the grassroots organization Mothers Against Medical Error



Helen Haskell is president of the grassroots organization Mothers Against Medical Error and a director of the patient safety groups the Empowered Patient Coalition and Citizens Advancing Patient Safety.  Since the medical error death of her young son Lewis in 2000, Helen has worked as a citizen advocate in the areas of medical education reform, patient-activated rapid response, infection prevention, medical error disclosure, and patient empowerment, among others.  She is a a WHO Patient Safety Champion, a member of the National Advisory Council for the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and has recently been named to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement board of directors.  She is co-author, with Julia Hallisy, of numerous patient educational materials including The Empowered Patient Guide to Hospital Care for Patients and Families.

Margaret Murphy

 Margaret Murphy, Lead, World Health Organization Patients for Patient Safety


Following the death of her son as a result of medical error, Margaret Murphy, recently appointed as External Lead, WHO Patients for Patient Safety, is actively involved as a patient safety advocate.  The focus of her work relates to seeing adverse events as having the potential to be catalysts for change as well as being opportunities for learning, identifying areas for improvement and preventing recurrence. She promotes this viewpoint at local, national and international levels as an invited presenter to conferences, hospital staffs and students.  Her area of particular interest is education as a vehicle to achieve sustainable culture change.

Viewed as a resource for including the patient perspective in a variety of initiatives, Margaret has been invited to partner and collaborate in the areas of policy-making, standard-setting, professional regulation, education and research.