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From Handover research Research methods & reporting
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Authors: Richard J Lilford,  Peter J Chilton,  Karla Hemming,  Alan J Girling,  Celia A Taylor,  Paul Barach

Published in: BMJ, 2 OCTOBER 2010, VOLUME 341

From Handover research Understanding and Improving Patient Handoffs
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Published in: The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, February 2010
Volume 36 Number 2

From Handover research Patient care handovers: what will it take to ensure quality and safety during times of transition?
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Authors: Julie K Johnson and Paul Barach
Published in: MJA Volume 190 Number 11, 1 June 2009

From Handover research Addressing Risk Factors for Transitional Care of the Elderly
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Authors: Kristin Laugaland Alstveit, Karina Aase, Paul Barach

From Handover research Global challenges in communication strategies to ensure high reliability during patient handovers
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Authors: Julie Johnson, Paul Barach, Vineet Arora